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Just swapped my 5 year old Ateca 1.4 Excellence for the face lift version. I visited my local dealer hoping to find one in the Showroom only to be told the waiting time for a new Ateca was 6 to 8 months. I soon realised that a new
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Ateca of my choice was as rare has rocking horse manure. Two or threes demonstrates came up with 5 thousand miles on the clock at premium prices. I eventually came across a new Ateca 1.5 tsi Experience Luz at Johnsons Cars Preston Although I live in Worcestershire I signed up with them and found myself in the capable hands of Will Talbot part exchange price was very strong and a bit off the ticket price sealed the deal. The car was delivered by transporter and my old car taken back.

I never visited the showroom or came face to face with any Sales staff everything was done on line via email together with videos of both cars and signing by s pen. Credit where credit is due Johnsons have got online retailing to a fine art communications were spot on and everything promised was forthcoming without any ifs and buts or maybes. I've put a few miles on the clock since delivery last Thursday and loving it.
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