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It looks a bit like the Leon. And that's OK

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Seat's design boss Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos says the Ateca is "like the big brother of the Leon," and that new design elements have been saved for future products. He likens the introduction of each new product to climbing a rung on a sort of ladder, with each step improving and building on Seat's reputation.

"When we need to make a breakthrough with the design of Seat, we will," he says, "but not now."

The Ateca's design is utterly unmistakable. As an SUV, too, the typical SEAT design language is a striking combination of dynamism and functionality. Many elements, like the trapezoidal grille, the side blisters with their sharp creases, plus the triangular light signatures, are typical of brand icons, such as the Leon. Yet every single detail has been carefully developed to the next level for the Ateca.

"The Ateca shows the clear evolution of our characteristic design language. It's immediately recognisable as a SEAT, yet every element has been carefully redesigned for an SUV," says Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Head of SEAT Design. "Our design is sculptural and full of tension. And it's created with precision and quality in every detail, of the kind possible only with the enormous passion and expertise of all involved."

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The large, high grille brims with confidence, while the sharply defined lights and substantial air intakes leave no doubt as to the Ateca's dynamic credentials. At the same time, the SEAT SUV maintains a broad, muscular stance that exudes solidity and reliability.


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