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Mine has lasted 22 months!

It let me down yesterday, miles from home. Got into the car using the key blade and then had to endure car alarm and flashing lights until the breakdown guy arrived and had a spare key-fob battery. Called my dealer today to ask how come there is no way to use a "dead" key fob to start the car and was told that there isn't! The car was asking for the key to be placed against the KESSY button, but this didn't do anything. I was told that that is what has to be done ONCE YOU REPLACE THE KEY FOB BATTERY!

I was also told the car should have issued a warning that the key battery was getting low. This never happened and I am asking them to check why not at the service next week. Question: HAS ANYONE WHO HAS SUFFERED THIS BATTERY FAILURE HAD A WARNING TO REPLACE IT IN ADVANCE?

Maybe each service should include a change of key-fob battery. I now keep a spare in the car...
I've had both options, fob fail with and without low battery warning. A little tip, warm your key fob up it it fails hand warm that is, as battery voltage goes down it its cold.
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