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Auto Express have posted up their first drive review:

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It's the 1.4 TSI that they are testing

The Ateca hits the bull's eye on the three areas buyers of this type of car really care about: style, cost and practicality. The fact that it's a crossover that also drives well is a bonus - just go for the diesel if you want the best all-rounder.
You can read the full review here:

What are your thoughts?


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More positivity! All signs say this is going to be worth the wait. Not read a bad review or preview yet.

Just bought a 2001 ford mondeo for 300 quid. Runaround in the gap between passing my fiat back and getting my order in October. It's guna be a long wait!

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I'm coming round to leather seats now :). I looked at a number of Tiguan Youtube videos tonight and was alarmed by the churn on models over the years. Certainly if the Ateca is like the Altea, Seat won't have the money to keep on developing it so you end up with an outdated model in next to no time.

Ateca hasn't got the flexible rear seating and the boot is problematic on the car I saw - in terms of the cover to the lower area. They may have sorted that out compared to the Tiguan which was all very nice and well done with a variable two layer cover. Short of storage space compared with the Tiguan. On the positives you can option in heated front windscreen which you can't do with the Tiguan. Assisted automatic power steering adaptive to speed is built into the Ateca, it's an extra for the Tiguan. You don't have the flash active speedo display just a small panel that feeds infotainment details between the traditional speedometer and rev counter (the flash screen isn't built into all Tiguans. Giving over electronics to the main display you do worry that you could get stuck if it failed.

The rest of the infotainment is pretty identical equipment carried over from VW. Discovery Pro and Discovery Navigation with the juke box. It does play flac, the latter one does, I tested it. Still in my mind thou is whether POI input is the same, DMS for the VW, I'm sure the Seat guy brought up a different screen which was more free text and not the mock dials for keying this in as you see in VWs and Skodas. You need an app on your smartphone to convert decimal degrees to DMS. The Ateca did show DMS for input but not the wheel as I recall, it looked more like free text input and whether it will understand the traditional decimal coordinates I don't know (I need this for hiking where you park up at a trail head which obviously isn't on the car's satnav but lift it off your freestyle hiking app). Have to have a fiddle with a Leon that might be the same - will know if I see it.

360 degrees camera is impressive on these systems if you option it in. Bit like a Google Earth view of the car and a Streetview that you toggle around, images are merged up from the cameras around and projected.

Coming back round to thinking about the Ateca, accepting the lack of flexibility in the rear seats, the boot issue and reduced cubby holes set against buying the sister car that is more refined yet a bit ugly and will have a shorter product cycle like those Korean and Japanese cars. Probably if you're not planning to keep the car and want something that is technically the best putting money to one side and accepting the looks the sister Tiguan is the better car, on the other hand if you are planning to keep it for a number of years, accept that it's a bit like the Altea that the seating is fixed at the back, the storage issues and at the minute has better looks then it's the Ateca. Putting money to one side and the lower level of electronics on the Ateca which may be a good thing in relation to the Tiguan that just leaves you trading the inflexible rear seating / boot issue against the high built in obsolescence of the new Tiguan against the Ateca if you work on the basis that like the Altea, Seat won't have the resources to keep changing it. That's probably for the US market where an annual refresh is desired - it won't be sold there so less pressure on constant refreshing. I think we have an understanding on the non veggie seating arrangement but I'm never the less not happy with leather over cloth on the Xcellence. Mind you I could change my mind tomorrow.

That silver is my target colour until the leather seat wobble occurred and I saw it's more refined yet a bit more ugly sister :).

Hope you enjoy your Mondeo in the meantime.
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