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Hi....not an Ateca owner myself but my mother in law has a couple of years old Ateca Xcellence Lux and i'm the one she comes to for help with any queries she has!

They are driving to France this week and we've sorted them one of the little white tags that goes in the windscreen and registers the cost of the motorway journey and lifts the barrier for you. I had one in our car a couple of years ago and it worked fine so they wanted one for this year. However i need to clarify where on the windscreen it can go. The Ateca has a black shaded area on the windscreen around where the rear view mirror is attached and i thought this meant this is where you put things like toll tags as the windscreen is coated for sun etc that can stop the tags working so this area is uncoated allowing them to work.

I cant find anything in the manual about it, i've popped to a dealer near me at work and they didnt have a clue whilst my mother in law called the dealer they got the car from who said the opposite and to avoid the shaded area as it my interfere with things like the forward facing camera etc if its placed in that area.

Based off this i'm not 100% sure what to tell them and the best i can offer so far is to say they might have to test it the first couple of times to see where works then attach it!!

Any help would be much appreciated!!
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