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Hello there,
I was wondering if anyone found that their 150 DSG Ateca with 4drive(haldex, extra weight) is little hesitant between 2nd and 3rd gear, especially driving around 30km/h... I find it bothersome sometimes driving in small city where I live, driving around that speed it's really stubborn to stay in 2nd gear around 2000rpm, if I accelerate for it to change in 3rd gear then it can get overwhelming where it picks too much speed (more than the traffic so I have to brake and it downshifts to 2nd anyways). If I leave it around 30km/h it gets little bit noisy since engine is going around 2000rpm (2nd gear is stretched I feel like). Now, this isn't something too worrisome or straight up bad, but driving in small city such as mine, you cant go mostly above 35km/h cuz of the traffic... I have been in other cars and this isn't pronounced as here. Maybe I'm nitpicking...
Anyways, I was wondering if DSG can be tuned up so it shifts little bit sooner or something like that. Now, there is probably a reason why it shifts like this, mainly because car is on the heavy side (over 1600kg), so in order to not accelerate from really low rpms and cause extra stress on the clutch it keeps it in 2nd to prevent that. If I chiptune the engine, would it change shifting in any bit, or is it asking for trouble, company probable had their reasons for this type of shifting, so is it advisable to meddle with it !?
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