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Hi all,

Finally took delivery of a facelift MY21 Ateca Xperience 1.5 DSG and have a couple of questions which I haven’t been able to find answers to here or elsewhere.

- The car only has a reverse camera with static guidance lines. Is there any way to enable lines to be dynamic (ie move with the steering wheel). I previously had an SE Tech which I had optioned with the top view camera so when you reversed the lines turned when you moved the wheel to show the direction you were going in. Has anyone successfully done this through OBDEleven as it shows as being an option on 2020 onwards cars (screenshot attached showing this)
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  • Is it possible to retrofit the top view camera system to an Ateca without it? I actually didn’t realise how useful the top view system is.
  • Is there any way to download radio station logos as having blanks on the presets is playing havoc with my OCD 😂 I have read that the infotainment is so locked down that plugging in a USB-C stick with logos on it can’t be read but has anyone found a way to overcome this as yet?
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