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Hi guys.
I just experinced this problem yesterday on my 2016 seat ateca excellence.
Today i found the problem! The problem for me was in joint where the cables are in movement every time the tailgate opens and close. (You can see them at the end of the struts wrapped in rubber).
I dismounted both struts and removed the rubber. The left strut was fine. But the right strut the thin brown cable was torn apart! So I soldered it and voila!!!
Try it out. Hope this works for you... :)

Hi. I just had this problem on my 2017 seat ateca excellence. Just this morning. It opened up fine.. Then wouldn't close. And now has the same 4 beeps and won't open or close.. Have to force it.. I hve booked it in on Tue at the garage to see what the issue is.. Let's see..
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