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It actually drives alot like my old Altea. On 19" it felt like my 17" Altea. It did do a belly flop roll on the suspension at one point like American cars as it went over a road undulation. There is one bit up the road from here which causes cars to rock backwards and forwards. It was that I was approaching from the other end. So yes the suspension can make it wallop and that has nothing to do with 19". Will have to get use to this when leaving, underground tree damage.

I switched the auto stop off, can't being having that. Had lights and wipers on auto. I'm 6'1" as per the celebrated Thomas. The leg room is more than my old Altea, no hitting of legs on the wheel when reaching for the breaks. Upright seating position and arm length to wheel is the same. Home from home.

I soon got use to the steering sensitivity, it's the same. Must be a Seat trait.

I got to work out how to get out of the car without looking like I'm falling out mind you. Would have taken photos but the leafy background would have meant I'd get the wheels muddy. We'll see.
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