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This is the subject that one has got to get on top of if you intend to put the car out to a tyre place to do four wheel alignment. What's troubling is my dealer says they have no equipment to do 4 wheel alignment themselves, that means I'm sure they don't have the equipment to do the front assist alignment, that is this piece of equipment shown below, VAS6430/10 calibration tool.

Featured in the Ateca Driver Assistance SSP 165
Automotive parking light Tire Automotive tail & brake light Wheel Motor vehicle


In certain circumstances the new J428 ACC control
unit requires calibration.

The J428 ACC control unit fits into one unique
position, supported in the front grille. It does not
need any adjustment screws, which simplifies its
calibration process.

The tools and equipment needed for its
calibration are:

/ The new VAS6430/10 reflector.
/ Axle alignment equipment.
/ ODIS diagnostics equipment.
/ ElsaPro repair manual.

Some of the instances when it requires calibration

/ Adjustment of the rear axle toe.
/ Fault in the control unit's event memory.
/ Replacement of the control unit.

If the control unit has a deviation of more than
6° in either the vertical or horizontal plane,
calibration will not be possible.

Note: To calibrate the J428 ACC control unit, it is not necessary to remove the SEAT emblem.
Added complication of the front assist equipment. I'd be interested if any one has spotted this equipment in a Seat garage. It's pretty big metal target and whether we know of any dealers doing these adjustments.


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