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I've done the importing POIs and the Destinations as x,y decimal cordinates (see towards the end on that one) now for the aesthetics:).



It comes out of the box so as to speak with North pointing up, you normally want up to be where you are going, press the button on the right with the N on it, bottom right. Then with such a big 8" screen you want the 3D view (even more so if you paid for the Plus since buildings in towns should get some projection onto them), that's under view, top left and you want the split screen with manoeuvres showing during driving. You can also change the not moving part of this window to show number of satellites viewed, height etc rather than the compass. Bit of technical information before you head off.

Finally you are nearly there you need the auto zoom as well (press scale, bottom right) you will see the blue magnifying glass after its been clicked a few times, this zooms the map in and out to speed. You get the grand view at higher speeds, this is where you see the blue bar at the top - yep, that's the sky, I've seen web posts on VW sites complaining of a satnav fault on that. Those canny German engineers knowing the difference between the earth and sky (unless the blue sky persists perhaps, seems OK).

The 3D view with auto zoom with "up" as to the heading plus split screen manoeuvres is the way to go :). You see your POIs on the map, those speed cameras if imported, favourites as *'s, system POIs and other imported POIs with your own optional logo. Turn manoeuvres are shown in the split screen plus on the front consol. The split screen shows manoeuvres bottom up in order.

The other tip is if you miss the navigation speech message or want a refresh press the right knob in, it gives it again at that point. "What did she say" no problem, hit the button. Deciding whether to show time to destination or projected time of arrival and way point or actual distances in something else to configure.

I cut back on the verbose voice guidance to brief. Other people get rid of the three choices of routes option and select fastest always or whichever theg default to via the setup menu. Ive left that as is, for the minute.

I'm pleased that I finally mastered making it work and being aesthetically pleasing as well :).

(perhaps all old stuff to people coming from other VW group satnavs)
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