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Here's the internal ODB stuff on my car on it. I haven't changed anything so they are the defaults.

How's your German.

Heatable front screen installed
Ditto rear window
Wash nozzle heating installed
Front heating led not installed
Think the next one is remote radio for remote for turning on not installed
Temperature dependent switch on the HSH (rear screen ?)
Ditto on the FSH (front screen ?)
Front screen automatic is active (FSH is front assume)
Rear window 600 seconds
Running time of front window 240 seconds (no translation required)
Switching temperature for rear 35'c
Switching temperature for front 35'c
Front screen heating maximum duration 0 seconds
Windows heating front activation time 240 seconds

Hopefully nothing conflicts there. So automatic temperature sensitive. Rear window stays on a maximum of 600 seconds, front 240. Will cut out if temperature is above 35'c during heating.

Not so sure where the second from bottom comes in and what temperature is used to trigger the heating side. Suspects that possibly another control module I would have to read.

Enjoy :).


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