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No SD card in our model, the Seat website (New SEAT Ateca Navi System map updates | SEAT) states that you download the update onto a USB drive, put that in the car and leave it connected, the system then updates in the background over the next few journeys. What I can not find out is what version is the download is or when has it finished updating. I do not want to have to use the Seat Connect as after the first year you have to pay to for a subscription.
If its the facelift Ateca then the only way to update the maps is over the air.
To get this you need Seat Connect set up. Can get it free for the first year after that its £125 for a year.
I dont find the App much use but you did get information on road traffic and routing round delays as well as road works.
I did not renew after the free year, will probably have to pay some time to get latest map updates.

Not very good as other makes give you life time updates and you could do it yourself with the pre facelift.
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