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...Audi A6 2.0 Tdi 190 S Tronic for the last week.

I quite liked it and appreciated how easy it was to drive and loved the mid range torque that seemed to be on tap at any time. It got to the end of the week and I must admit I wasn't looking forward to getting back in to my Ateca.

How wrong was I to think this!

My Ateca instantly felt a better car to drive again. It felt as quick as the A6 in nearly every situation, felt much sharper to drive and the manual gearbox is a joy to use compared to what I now think is a slightly hesitant and frustrating DSG box. It was so much fun on one of my local country lanes, something the A6 could never be described as. It even felt every bit as good in what should be the A6's strongest area - refinement.

I think I am slowly starting to be won over by my Ateca! :-D
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