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Let me know how you get on since as you know that's the one I'm getting. Mind you no negative report ;).

Think my dealer telling me the confirmed build date and he had driven one at Millbook and how wonderful it was, was to make sure I wouldn't back out of it. Which I won't.

Will be interest to hear how you get on with the electric parking break. You can toggle it to automatic and on a DSG just forget about the handbrake unless you are parking in a garage where you want more control. There is 60 minute German YouTube video in English which you can find which is very good. This one:

Also test out how easy it is to open the Adblue cap, think it's finger tight but some cars require you to use the wheel brace. Decided I will use commercial vehicle filling points. There is enough warning.

Ask him whether the mats are standard in an Xcellence.

The manuals are here BTW
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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