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For the technically minded a couple of links to the internal architecture of the infotainment system of the Ateca, MIB2, common across VW group. I had dug it out previously but lost:

The MIB2 (MIB = modular infotainment platform) represents the foundation for Audi infotainment. It utilizes an NVIDIA T30 processor, a quad core chip of the Tegra 3 series, and it went into production in summer 2014. With a clock speed of over 1 GHz and a fast graphics card, it can drive two displays. The Tegra 30 processor works together with a 3D graphics program from the specialist company Rightware to display three-dimensional images.
The new Audi MIB-2 uses the NVIDIA Tegra 30 system on chip, driven by a quad-core processor from the NVIDIA Tegra 3 series, for fast performance, higher resolution graphics and an upgradable platform. As more sophisticated technology becomes available, the highly flexible Audi MIB-2 platform will allow owners to simply upgrade their software for improved online, media, voice command, navigation and telephony functions.

With double the processor performance and a faster graphics processing unit, it can drive two displays simultaneously, one in the center stack and one in the instrument cluster display. The T30 graphics processor empowers a virtual 3D platform and a completely redesigned user interface to allow Audi to implement and display a full three-dimensional graphical user experience in its vehicles.

Audi Virtual Cockpit and zFAS

Audi and NVIDIA are also showcasing the industry's first virtual cockpit - an entirely digital dashboard that will be featured in the all-new 2016 Audi TT, which makes its North American auto show debut in Los Angeles this week. The virtual cockpit revolutionizes the concept of a driver-centric experience by replacing the instrument cluster with a central, digital unit. It combines the functions of traditional gauges with the central MMI monitor in one unique, 12.3-inch TFT display with superb 3D graphics and brilliant clarity. A quad-core Tegra 30 processor from NVIDIA capable of rendering up to 60 frames per second ensures that the needles of the speedometer, rev counter and navigation are displayed with absolute precision.
That's basically it as implemented in its two screen design in the Ateca and the fancy 12.3" in some other VW models.

Some of MIB2 units are made by a very well known German company, Technisat which in 2016 the car business was sold to the Chinease company Joyson and Preh

TechniSat Automotive

The management of TechniSat decided in 1997 to set up the TechniSat Automotive business unit. In the spring of 1998 the production of the Autoradios Werra1 developed in Dresden.

In 2000, TechniSat was granted approval as Tier 1 supplier for the automotive industry. In the same year the production of autoradios for the automotive industry begins in the Thuringia factory.

In 2007, TechniSat started production of its first Navi Dresden 1 navigation radio, also developed in Dresden. The first radio navigation system for the automotive industry was produced and delivered in 2010.

In the summer of 2011 TechniSat Automotive received the Volkswagen Group Award in Copenhagen. In December 2011, TechniSat Automotive received the order from the Volkswagen Group to develop the MIB2 system (multimedia infotainment kit). During the development phase, TechniSat Automotive also received production orders for a total of approximately 50 different variants. The devices can use various navigation satellite systems. For the European market, there is alternatively digital radio DAB + and for the US market the radio satellite system XM-Sirius.

The TechniSat automotive equipment development started with 34 employees. In the meantime 410 developers are working there. The entire automotive sector employs around 1200 people.
The other manufacturer is Delphi, Texas Instruments chips are used

Pass on how many units are made by Delphi and their involvement

As per my link the other day VW have now abandoned NVIDIA and joined up with Qualcomm

On my search for what GNSS is supported just got to find out which board and chipset is plugged into the motherboard of the MIB2....
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