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In pre launch there wasn't much at the dealers I visited, granted, two are the colour prints of the PDFs.

I picked up

ATECA Technology to Enjoy dated 09/2016

The New SEAT Ateca Technology to Enjoy dated 04/2016

Both of these I believe are the PDF but you can read the tables in these with ease.

I also picked up

Customise Seat Accessories dated Issue 1. March 2016

Carefree ownership Technology to Enjoy dated 02/2016

Customise with Fitted Accessories Technology to Enjoy dated 02/2016

Lastly this useful one

Helping you on your way.... Complimentary 5 day Insurance plus 3 year free Endurance- Seat's accident and repair cover

That one gives you a 5 day cover note and kicks off the warranty- you call HQ with that one.

So I feel the full buying experience now :).
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