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So i've had my Ateca now for almost a month and after 3 weeks the rear window wiper cap has broken. Meaning that I can't clean my rear window as there is not enough pressure applied for the wiper blade to make contact with the window.

It appears as though the cap which covers the nut (where the wiper is attached to the rear window) has come away, looks like it has been snapped, so either it's really cheap plastic and has broken in the car wash or it wasn't fitted properly. I wouldn't even want to entertain the idea that someone has snapped it off.

The most frustrating thing is that the cap is needed to apply enough pressure so that the wiper blade actually wipes the window.
Thankfully I have maintenance included in my contract, as Seat said that the whole wiper arm has to be replaced as it comes as one piece as opposed to just getting a new cap fitted. £30 saved there.

Car is going in on Friday to have the new wiper arm fitted.

Anyone else had any issues with the cap snapping off on the the rear wiper arm?
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