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The Ateca's finer details are yet to be finalised, but here's what we know so far: there'll be three trims starting from £17,990 for the S, followed by SE, then a range-topping Xcellence model, which should come in at under £30,000.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Grille

Engines will include two petrols and three diesels, most with a choice of six-speed manual or optional dual-clutch automatic gearboxes, and four-wheel drive will be available on the diesels.

While two-wheel drive Atecas employ a simpler torsion beam set-up at the back, all-wheel drive versions - expected to make up around 15% of Seat's UK allocation - feature a more complex multi-link arrangement.

Should I hold off buying a rival offering?

Unless you're in an immediate need to chop in your current car, the Seat Ateca's worth waiting for. Prices for the three-tier line-up will be confirmed in May, but Seat's confirmed they'll start at £17,990. Even if you order one then you'll be waiting until September - at least - before you can take delivery.

Seat may have arrived later than ideal at the SUV party but the Ateca's more memorable - and more fun - than most in this segment.

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