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Design - Emotion made in Barcelona

The Ateca's design is utterly unmistakeable. As an SUV, too, the typical SEAT design language is a striking combination of dynamism and functionality. Many elements, like the trapezoidal grille, the side blister with their minimum radii and maximum sharpness and the triangular light signatures, are typical of brand icons, such as the Leon. Yet every single detail has been carefully developed to the next level for the Ateca.

"The Ateca is a car that could only have been created in Barcelona - by a brand that's on the move and with a design that combines passion with precision," says Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Head of SEAT Design. "The design of the Ateca displays clear tension and conveys forceful energy. This joy of performance is reflected in every detail and shows the powerful SEAT character."

The front end of the Ateca is therefore 100 per cent SEAT and yet 100 per cent SUV. The large, high grille brims with self confidence, while the sharply defined lights and substantial air intakes leave no doubt as to the Ateca's dynamic credentials. At the same time, the SEAT SUV maintains a broad, muscular stance that exudes solidity and reliability.

Full LED headlamps with a clear signature

Vehicle Land vehicle Car Tire Grille

Typical SEAT features include the optional full-LED headlamps with their attractive light colour and excellent luminance. Combined with the triangular signature of the LED daytime running lights, the overall impact is immediately distinguishable as a SEAT product. In the Ateca, the indicator lamps also form an integral part of this signature.

State-of-the-art technology and an emotional experience go hand-in-hand in the SEAT Ateca. One example is the "welcome light". As soon as you unlock the doors, LEDs in the exterior mirrors illuminate the area close to the door sills, projecting the Ateca's name and silhouette onto the ground.

The side profile clearly conveys the dynamics and performance of the new SEAT. The precise crease lines interact with sensually flowing forms, such as those around the lower door section, demonstrating not only the designers' fine feel for form, but also the expertise of SEAT's toolmakers and production specialists. Slightly rectangular wheel arches framed in black provide an imposing setting for wheels measuring up to 19 inches in diameter. Meanwhile, the window line framed in chrome and with a kink along the rear edge of the side window gives the car an even longer and more elegant line. The exterior mirrors sit on the door shoulders - a detail usually seen only on sports cars.

Likewise, typical of SEAT is the highly sculpted rear with the licence plate recess set low down. The LED lights are pulled slightly upwards on the outer edges to emphasize the Ateca's powerful shoulders. The very low loading lip also points towards the high level of attention paid to optimum functionality.

Interior conveys refined sporting character

The interior harmonises perfectly with the exterior design. The interior, too, combines elegantly refined, but nonetheless, dynamic character with that unique feeling of solidity and safety so highly prized by SUV drivers. Key factors are the raised seating position as well as the clearly visible vehicle front end and solid door strips.

The cockpit has a horizontal line with a clear driver focus. The controls are grouped closely together, while the read outs, suchas the infotainment display measuring up to eight inches, are just a brief glance away. The high centre console is a further example of how well the Ateca combines the SUV sense of proximity and solidity with the agile feeling of a shortened gearstick. Light is another special feature of the interior. The new ambient lighting with "waterfall" look in the doors gives passengers a choice of eight different colours to adapt to personal preferences.

Excellent use of space with plenty of room

At an exterior length of 4.36 metres, the Ateca offers the best use of space in the segment, with maximum interior length and a luggage compartment that holds 510 litres in its standard configuration or 485 litres in the 4Drive versions. A double load floor is available for keeping things in order, while the folding rear seats can be operated from the luggage compartment, providing easy and versatile use of the interior space. The bodyshell is outstanding not only for its wide-ranging versatility, but also for its intelligent lightweight design. Incredibly stiff, the Ateca is also among the lightest vehicles in its segment, which delivers an agile driving experience not only in urban traffic conditions.


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