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I've now edited the instructions for importing destinations into the Seat Navigation system, VW Discovery or Skoda navigation systems.

Haved added it here onto the end of the original post:

If you do have addresses on your destination download from your existing satnav then you can start at the top of the thread, if you don't but have GEO code coordinates then start above - the latter is much easier. Basically you import them as users POIs, then go through each saving as a new destination. You pick them off the map, then save them as a destinations. It's got the destination name since that the POI name so you just store.

At this stage you have your destinations re saved in the VW destination list. You can then drop the POI file as being present in the system since you won't want this again unless you want your destinations to appear on the maps as well. If you make them a favourite in any case you will see them as a star or if you leave them as a POI file they are shown with the selected icon if its on your lists of POIs to show on that map.

Hope that helps something. Still got about 110 to do.
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