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Once the driver has stepped inside, a ring of light around the illuminated start button pulsates like a heartbeat - indicating the Ateca is all set for its next road-going adventure. SEAT Drive Profile is on-hand for adapting the Ateca to the current driving situation, road conditions and personal preference - with the Driving Experience Button on the centre console offering four profiles: Normal, Sport, Eco and Individual. The Ateca models with four-wheel-drive have the added benefit of Snow and Offroad profiles, as well as Hill Descent Control function. A further convenient feature is the electric tailgate, which can be opened with a foot gesture and closed again the same way.

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The range of innovative driver assistance systems is extensive:

Traffic Jam Assist: This assistance function makes progress in heavy stop-and-go traffic far more bearable. At "traffic jam speeds", Ateca steers, accelerates and brakes automatically within the system boundaries. At higher speeds of up to around 37 mph, the system provides support with speed control and lane keeping. However, the driver's hands have to stay on the wheel.

ACC with Front Assist: The traffic jam assistant is based on the radar-controlled ACC adaptive cruise control system. Within a certain speed range, the integrated Front Assist can provide autonomous braking in dangerous situations.

Traffic Sign Recognition: Never miss another speed limit or traffic restriction thanks to the on-board camera and display.
Blind Spot Detection: Changing lane is made safer with the practical blind spot assistant. Two radar sensors monitor traffic behind the Ateca on both sides. A visual signal in the exterior mirror warns against vehicles approaching in the blind spot.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert: Backing out of a parking space is a critical manoeuvre, as approaching vehicles are often difficult to spot. Radar sensors monitor cross traffic and warn against potential collisions.

Top View: Four cameras cover the entire area around the Ateca, with the image displayed on the monitor as a bird's eye view, making tight parking spaces far easier to negotiate. There is also additional protection for the valuable alloy wheels - one of the four image modes shows one front or all four wheels with lines indicating their proximity to the kerb.

Park Assist 3.0: The latest version of the parking assistant ensures stress-free parking in every situation - now supporting both parallel and perpendicular parking. The system also uses small parking spaces, calculates the best path, steers itself and warns against obstacles.
Lane Assist and Emergency Assist: The lane-keeping assistant recognises lane markings and issues warnings when the vehicle leaves the correct lane. Emergency Assist is a new function: If the driver remains inactive beyond a certain period, the vehicle issues first a visual then an acoustic warning, followed finally by a brief pulse of the brakes. If there is still no reaction, the Ateca slows down to a standstill, while staying in lane and activating the hazard lights and the electronic parking brake.
The highest level of connectivity

Connectivity, the constant connection with the digital world, is a major part of a modern, urban lifestyle for many people. The SEAT Ateca offers the very highest level in this domain, with the latest generation of Easy Connect infotainment systems, SEAT Full Link and the exclusive SEAT ConnectApp:

Media System Plus, with its eight-inch screen, is the highlight of the new-generation infotainment systems. It provides a significantly clearer and more precise view of navigation and infotainment content.

The Connectivity Box in the centre console of the SEAT Ateca is easy to reach and for the first time enables wireless smartphone charging and, thanks to automatic coupling with the roof antenna, ensures better reception. It incorporates two USB ports for parallel connection of MirrorLink-capable smartphones and external music players.

SEAT Full Link is the connectivity world for users of virtually all smartphones. Alongside MirrorLink, Full Link also incorporates the functions of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

MirrorLink is the perfect technology for operating smartphones and many of their functions and apps safely via the Ateca's infotainment system. It "mirrors" the smartphone screen on the touchscreen and can be used seamlessly with a growing number of MirrorLink-compatible Android smartphones.

The exclusive SEAT ConnectApp makes perfect use of MirrorLink integration. The driver is "always on", yet remains fully concentrated on the traffic. One central function is "Voice Replay". This text-reading function converts messages from sources such as e-mail, text messages, Facebook and Twitter accounts into speech then reads them out loudly and clearly. Answers can be "dictated" by voice command. Another exclusive function is gesture control, whereby functions can be activated at will with just a small finger gesture on the touchscreen.


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I suspect that in the next few years, most cars will come with part assist-as well as other tech features- as standard and any car without it will seem lacking.

I wonder what other features- that may seem only nice-to-have now-will be deal breakers for used case buyers in 2020.
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