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Like you, I am not due to pick up my car until next year, so I can't really comment on it too much yet, although I would have liked a bit more flexibility in the options on offer. For example, why can't you order an Xcellence with cloth seats, or an SE with 18" wheels, for example; but having said that, I am more than happy with my final selection!

I reply to your final comment, I started off by looking at the Audi Q2, and was seriously considering ordering one... until I just happened to pick up a copy of 'What Car' magazine' with the headline "New SEAT Ateca beats Audi Q2" emblazoned across it's front cover!

As our nearest showrooms for both manufactures are literally across the road from each other, it was easy to make a direct comparison and to compare them both. So far as I (and my wife!) was concerned the Ateca won hands down, and there was an instant attraction!

My order was placed the following week! :)

(The car is actually due to be build (at the moment anyway) far sooner than either myself, or our dealer, expected, which is good news!)
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