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Aargh, my first issue!!!

Since had the car I've had usb lead plugged into port 1 and flash drive in 2.

Wife going to some wedding fayre with her sister at some rural hotel today, so was setting up google maps so she finds it, and for some reason it wouldn't link to her phone??

Then I noticed there was no charge flash in the battery icon on the screen. So plugged mine in and the same.

Took the flash drive out and put in usb1 and it shows no media sources, plugged cable into 2 and both phones charge & immediately connect!!

Swapped back and fore a few times, and USB1 is deffo dead!!!

That's one of those things now you can sort of manage without and don't seem worth the hassle of it spending probably a full day at the dealers, but yet it's going to annoy me knowing it's not working!!
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