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Found another useful app to derive those DMS coordinates for manual Satnav car entry.

Map coordinates cross link to Android Maps so you initially use it on line, you can enter the normal decimal coordinates into the search bar, it shows you the resultant DMS and location on Google Maps. History then shows you your list, you can then favourite some, give them a name. Go off line then enter them into your car's GPS as DMS.

You can also use it to look up addresses and names to location.

I've muttered this a few times that most built in car satnav systems in the west use DMS coordinate input whilst non fitted units and smartphone apps use decimal degrees. Thus if you are given decimal coordinates to a location or your general GPS app generates these you have to convert them. This app is useful since you see on the map the location you have entered in the search bar and it has a notepad favourite / history built in so no need for note taking.

The other app which doesnt use Google maps so is good for offline use is GPS Convertor. Obviously this is only useful if you are using the inbuilt car satnav. Data entry is via a thumb wheel representation on VW based car systems including the Ateca.

Also another one worth a look, can also access Streetview

You can create Vcard imports but these are more for on the fly data entry.
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