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Here's my post on how to do the update, no cost, no Map care, nowt.

A lot of posts have explained the process of doing an update of your cars SatNav card as supplied. I summoned up the courage to try it, Its taken me 2 days to sort this, but I have! Try this,;

Read it first and understand the principles of how this works. Note this assumes Windows is your operating system, VW do show how to for Apple in the link below. Be aware of the 2 systems in Atecas!!

1; Go to SEAT site and download latest map version for your cars infotainment system. Error 404 ... ateca.html I used the 6PO version for my car and "Europe 1" map

Store it on PC on your hard drive for future use. (Create a file called "SEAT Ateca Sat Nav Details)

2; Ensure your SD card from your car is "unlocked" beforehand, check the slider on the side of the card. Put original SD card in PC and "cut and paste" original "maps" file onto hard drive into your "SEAT Ateca" file and call it "Original" just in case you need to reinstall it back onto the card. There will be a file called "maps", this is the program you need to copy. Ensure SD card is empty after transferring off old map.

3; Copy new downloaded maps folder from Ateca folder of PC to SD card completely. Use "7 zip" as below: You will need to download "7zip" onto your PC, then follow these instructional steps below from VW for reference. Be very aware of the unzipping program &zip, its what the maps bundle comes in.

Default Title ... 994e464a9f Choose the Golf model 2017 and the "Discover Media" unit. Scroll to the bottom of this page and find "Download Manual PDF! This is really useful!

4; Then crucially, copy from your ORIGINAL map this file this "MAPS/EEC/EEC_WLD/OVERALL.NDS" to replace the same file on your SD card with the new update. This means that original data on the original map program is carried over onto the new map program. Without doing this, the new downloaded map will not work, as it is car-specific.

5; Relock the SD card and put in car!

Hope this helps!! As I said, took me 2 days but I eventually got it right. Read these instructions and do the downloads in preparation first and keep a cool head when doing it! I've now got version 1115, coming from version 0820
21 - 24 of 24 Posts