Flight with Seat UK

Faults and Technical chat for the Seat Ateca
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Flight with Seat UK

Post by Ibeansx » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:24 pm

Good Afternoon all

unfortunately this is gonna be a long post so please bare with me

Last year I took delivery of my Seat Ateca 1.0 SE Tech not long after this I started getting some issues with the informant system freezing, no sound, unable to turn off even with ignition off and key out and lots of with things. when it went back I was told to await a software update.
these problems carried on along with the reversing sensors intermittently not working after a month or so I contacted the dealership again and was told still waiting for a software update and they would be in touch. another month went past and the airbag light came on car was taken to dealership and said this aunt linked and no fault could be found and to continue awaiting for the software update. again after a while and a few phone calls no software update.

At the start of this year Had an issue with the hand brake not releasing went into garage again and they said there was noting wrong with it and I just needed to give it more throttle. this I know was a load of rubbish but they insisted it was fine and that a they was still waiting for a software update regarding the informant system.

A month or so after this I went to drive my car home from work an the dashboard light up like a Christmas tree with god knows how many errors and fault lights car had no response from throttle and hand brake would not release called break down and they changed throttle body at side of road but advised there was an issue with the brake releasing and to contact dealership. I phoned dealership and they arranged recovery of the car when I asked about the software update to my shock they said they had no idea about any software update that was being waited for and the manager that I had previously spoken to was no longer there at this point I raised a complaint with seat uk.

when collecting the car and after about 50 miles of driving and still none of the issues rectified the collision assist sensor started activating for no reason. the car went back and forth and every time they kept saying theres nothing wrong with it. During this time I raised a rejection request with finance.

about a month or soon from this again the cars collision assist activated at between 40/45 MPH to a complete harsh shop activating my hazard lights and also ABS. since then the car has been in the dealership.

im about 4 months on with lies about test drives being done but no milage added to car and technical reports coming back as absolutely nothing wrong with the car and no record in the cars system of the autonomous breaking activating. they have been supplied with god knows how many photos and also dash cam footage of the car emergency stopping the dealership have now refused to let there staff drive the car on test as they dont feel safe doing so yet Seat Technical team and Seat UK still seem to think the cars fine the trading standards and finical Ombudsman are invalid but await the case to reassigned to someone.

has any one else had the same faults or similar experiences ? this is driving me crazy and putting a lot of stress on me and my young family. I have had many other issues between all this with the dealership and the car but tried to get to the point and keep post as short as possible.

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Re: Flight with Seat UK

Post by Golfmk56 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:02 pm

I've had similar experience with a nearly new car from another manufacturer albeit I was the owner.

You haven't included dates but from what I read it sounds like you've gone about this all wrong.

1: You're wasting your time with SEAT UK, this has nothing to do with them. The contract is between the owner and the supplying dealer.

2: Depending on what finance product you chose, I'm assuming you are the registered keeper and the finance company is the owner?

3: If that's the case then your only point of contact should be with the finance company. It's their car - you're paying them to use a faulty product.

To be honest the car should have been rejected ages ago. If the car was bought last year then you're too late to reject it. (that's not strictly true but with the onus on you, or rather your finance company, to prove the fault existed at time of purchase, it's a near impossible task).

Basically you're only option is dealing with the finance company. Forget everything else, your goal is to have the finance agreement cancelled.

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