Waiting on my new Xcellence 1.5 Auto

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Waiting on my new Xcellence 1.5 Auto

Post by mysti77 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:52 am


I put a reservation on a car on Sunday with Lakeside Seat. The spec/trim etc that I wanted luckily had a car that was already built and was at the port. I was told it should be ready in about 5 days. Does this mean it's at the port here in the UK? Excited is an understatement but I don't want to call and pester the dealer. What happens when I go to collect the car? Will they go through how things work with me or just leave me with the manual and off I go?

Ateca 1.5 TSI EVO Xcellence Lux DSG - Rodium Grey (collected March 2019)

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