2nd service - thoughts??

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2nd service - thoughts??

Post by jackbauer » Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:20 pm

So just took the Ateca in for its second (major) service and just wanted to share some of my views and see what everyone’s thoughts are for those that have been through the 2nd service. I know dealers can be different all over the country so wanted your opinions.

I booked the car in through the SEAT website which was straightforward enough. The website allowed me to book the date I wanted however a few hours later received a call from the dealership to say that day was fully booked and would have to be rebooked. After asking if a courtesy car would still be available on that day I was told yes and the booking was confirmed. I had made mention when booking the car in of three things I wanted them to check while in. These were -

1. A tinny rattle from underneath the car after startup that doesn’t really ever disappear and is more noticeable when driving slowly and changing gears.
2. Part of the door trim on the front passenger door where your elbow rests appears to have come unstuck as it makes a noise when you lift your elbow off it like the piece of trim needs glued back down.
3. Handbrake/autohold still quite jerky when pulling away.

I dropped the car off and explained to the technician about the rattle and he came out on a short journey so I could show him and sure enough he heard the noise. I then picked up the hire car which was a nice 19 plate Ibiza FR. The car/styling didn’t quite match the slightly underwhelming 80ps engine. Nevertheless off I went.

A few hours later I received phone call to say the car was ready for collection so went back down. Everything that had to be done on the car was done however the 3 issues I reported were resolved as follows -

1. The tinny rattle is perfectly normal apparently. It’s something to do with the driveshaft/axel and they cannot tighten anything to make it stop.
2. The door trim is out of warranty apparently. It falls under a part of the warranty which only allows for 30 days to report such a fault so there’s nothing they can do about it.
3. The handbrake is performing normally and they can not find any fault with it.

So overall there was nothing that could be done about the issues I reported. I was a bit annoyed as the rattle had been previously brought up during the first service and was told the same thing. It was normal. Is there any other 1.0 SE Tech owners with the same rattle or am I just going crazy? I just feel for a 67 plate car of nearly £23,000 it sounds like an old car rattling underneath when you drive about.

The car was meant to have been washed and hoovered as well. I could see that an attempt had been made to run a cloth over it but it really did not look washed in the slightest. And it certainly wasn’t hoovered inside. I understand dealers are busy as it’s one in one out and I’m not looking for the car to be fully valeted but there were patches of dirt and stains evident on the bodywork still which spending a bit more time would have taken out. I’d rather they didn’t say the car would be washed and hoovered if they can’t even be bothered doing it properly.

In conclusion then I felt as though for the price I paid (over £250 including the courtesy car) I don’t believe I got good value for money. Fair enough there are parts and labour to pay for but at £239 I feel like it’s steep.

What does everyone else think about their 2nd service and what kind of experience did you have. Do you think it represents good value for money?
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Re: 2nd service - thoughts??

Post by boristhebold » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:35 am

If you look at what you actually get for your main dealer service cost, you'd never use them. Parts may cost them £40 in total, labour perhaps another £60, the rest is all the other overheads...fancy showroom, service advisors who simply sit at a desk and book you in (and tell you 'they all do that Sir) It is hilarious that a series of FMDSH stamps in your book gets you a higher part ex price on the car. The only people working on your car will have been technicians. Plug and play technologists. Give them an engine to strip and rebuild and they'd have a fit.
(A friend of mine is a time served mechanic who runs his own small business, the local Mercedes Benz main dealer send him all there hard to sort issues as none of their 'technicians' can do that sort of stuff. I guarantee that they never tell the owners of £60k Mercs that a non main dealer mechanic in a small garage sorted their long term issue out!)

Re the 3 issues, I'd ask them to get the car on the lift and show me the tinny rattle issue so I could properly understand it.
I also call BS on a 30 day warranty for trim issues. Perhaps they're looking at this "Aesthetic defects, e.g. scratches, marks, must be notified to a SEAT Dealer within the first 30 days/600 miles." Nowhere can I find it stating trim and seating etc is not covered after 30 days. Stuff like brake pads, clutch etc aren't which is understandable. I'd push them on it.
I'd rather a dealership didn't wash my car, it's not a garage queen or polished to within an inch of its life but as you've found, makes you wonder hpw much care they actually take. Do it right or don't do it at all.

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Re: 2nd service - thoughts??

Post by Pjhoworth » Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:21 am

Amen to the above, so true.
A pal had a top of the range Merc that some numpty reversed into.
As it was brand new it went straight back to Merc but when he collected it he found out it had been sent to "Sids Autos" for the repair by said dealership as they're not qualified to fix it!

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Re: 2nd service - thoughts??

Post by Golfmk56 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:48 am

Depending on the damage / repair, most garages send their cars outside for repair - it's not the mechanics ability that's at fault but the issue may need specialist equipment. It's far more cost effective to send cars to a central depot with the expensive specialist equipment than to install the equipment at every dealership.

Within the VAG empire, assist systems realignment is a classic example. Not every dealership has this equipment.

As for the OP's question - I simply would not have accepted that reponse. I would have asked to see evidence of that 30 day reporting limit. It's certainly something I'm not aware of nor have I ever read such a thing. Anyway, how did they know the issue was more than 30 days old? If that's their policy then simply say the problem started last week.

Engine noises? Simple - go to any Seat dealer of your choosing, ask for a test drive in a 1.0tsi and comare it to your car - that will tell you if it's a characteristic. If the cars sound different then return the car to the dealership and ask them why they sound different.

I'm on long-life which in effect is a 2nd service. Personally I'd never book a car in online for a fixed price service as I like talking to people - you can't negotiate with a form. I call a number of garages and ask for a quote. When I say no thanks, too expensive it's normally met with "what price have you been quoted" and I give them the opportunity to price match.

The best price for my service in Central Scotland was just outside Glasgow at the Seat dealership in Uddingston. Without any prompting from me, they quoted the cheapest price AND said that would include a years free breakdown cover ( website implies thats only available if you book online ). I dropped the car off, went for a walk - garage called me 90mins later to say car was ready. I was 100% happy with their service.

I specifically make a point of telling garages not to wash or clean my cars because

1: I'd rather have my car back a.s.a.p.
2: I prefer to clean the car myself - I make a much better job of it.

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Re: 2nd service - thoughts??

Post by Rory » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:58 am

When daughter picked her Ateca after its first service the other day, the dealer made her (and her impatient little daughter) wait while the car was "valeted". She's someone who can't be bothered with complaining etc but she dragged the service advisor outside to point out that the valet consisted of throwing some water at the wheels.

I suppose them managing to do three thing wrong in fitting the rear number plate, and thinking that was acceptable, was an indication of their capability. As was them sending a confirmation of the service booking, but for the wrong franchise and branch.

I hoped they might have replaced the missing wheel nut cover (only 1 so far) but they didn't.

What irks me about these places is the customer interface is poor and full of errors, so you can't help wondering what goes on in the workshop - maybe they changed the oil but did they bother changing the filter? Our Tiguan just had its 4th service where the diesel filter was shown as changed - if they did it, they did a remarkakably clean job.
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Re: 2nd service - thoughts??

Post by Jettabout » Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:40 am

Hi Golfmk56 that's good to know about the SEAT dealership in Uddingston as we are only across the river from Livingstones, I was going to use them for our first service as the car came from Arnold Shark on the other side of Glasgow and I've had enough of their blatently dishonest service departments over the years with our VWs, last year I had to tell them how to fix my wifes Touran ABS senser problem after a disc change, £300 + for a new senser, no way!!! Blxxdy 'technos'. Blow the hub out with an airline I said, service manager wasn't too happy that it actually worked.
Had new car quotes from Seat Uddingston Livingstone's but then found out A. Sharks had pre reg cars ready for sale at advantageous prices but after signing up their communication was down to their usual standard.....

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