Fitting space saver wheel in Ateca 4WD diesel

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Fitting space saver wheel in Ateca 4WD diesel

Post by AndyBird63 » Sat Oct 17, 2020 2:34 pm

So I had the following problem, without thinking I bought a 2nd hand space saver wheel for my Ateca Excellent 4WD diesel as hate to rely on the sealant kits & realised the wheel well in boot was too shallow so installed wheel was about 4" higher than original floor level & no raised floor kit is available from Seat specific to this model. Reason for shallow wheel is 4WD & AdBlue tank.

Thankfully I saw someone on here posted how they made one so being handy I did exactly the same.

Here's how I did it..

1/2 sheet 9mm ply
1.7m 100mm x 25mm timber
Carpet 40" x 36"
Carpet adhesive
Screws, PVA & sandpaper

1. Install space saver wheel with plastic retainer clamp.
2. Cut ply to shape of boot at top of tyre level leaving 25mm gap between rear seat back and edge of new floor so rear seats can be hinged forward.
3. Cut timber into 2 x 40cm & 1 x 90cm length.
4. Note where timber near rear seat back & sides fit to floor & make sure it sits flush in the right places. Option remove material to reduce weight.
5. Glue & screw timber to bottom in correct places.
6. Fit carpet to top of shelf.

I can fit lots of things inside wheel & around it including, jack, wheel wrench & the tyre sealant kit with compressor.

Cost was space saver £99, wheel clamp £20, shelf materials £20 so £140 total & very pleased with result, here's some photos..




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