Hindsight (at least in the UK)

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Hindsight (at least in the UK)

Post by Golfmk56 » Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:41 am

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but if diesel Ateca owners were to purchase their cars again, would they stick with diesel?

I actually prefer diesel, and even though I don't get anywhere near the mileage necessary to recoup any initial cost disadvantages, I could always rely on cheaper VED, better mpg and more importantly, better resale value to justify driving the derv engine. Two things put me off buying a diesel Ateca tho:

1: diesel Xcellence only available in 4wd therefore the cost of the diesel engine over the 1.4tsi was bonkers.
2: the real-world mpg for the diesel wasn't that much more than the real-world for petrol.

And now something else. I'm still looking to replace our 2nd car and would prefer diesel. I'm not buying new - nearly new and hoping to still take advantage of low VED on cars built no later than April 2017. But just looking at the prices :o It seems two things are changing in the used market - not only are derv cars depreciating like a brick (the petrol equivelent depreciating less), dealers are still having trouble shifting them. (I'm blown away by how poorly the once popular diesel Golf is selling.)

And then I read a report this morning that the upcoming budget will include more disencentives to buy new diesel powered cars.

So question is, if you were to buy your UK Ateca today, would you still choose diesel power and why?

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Re: Hindsight (at least in the UK)

Post by Etchings » Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:41 pm

Short version: not a diesel driver exactly because of the above, but if I started to drive regularly to work each day then I'd possibly consider it.

Long version:

I used to drive a diesel and absolutely love the torque, then previous car I switched to petrol simply because I didn't do the mileage to justify the additional cost (worked out it would take about 8 years to break even, assuming fuel prices kept the same price differential). Had a nightmare with the petrol engine - known design flaw in early production models where my car wasn't recalled so suffered a turbo failure just out of warranty (manufacturer coughed up for full replacement costs of a corrected unit so alright in the end). Next choice of car was going to have diesel back on the cards again simply because I do prefer the driving characteristics and the mechanical simplicity of diesel vs petrol.

When I came to picking my Ateca I was originally looking at the SE Tech so the 1.0 Petrol or 1.6 Diesel at the time and I was considering the diesel (1.4 Petrol wasn't an option for that trim this time last year). It was about that time the government started making noises about discouraging diesel - living close to London that meant I could easily be stung in the near future if I'd opted for a diesel.

A lot of cities are starting to voice plans to ban diesels in the future - probably not going to fully happen in the lifetime of my present car though. This does set the tone of the regulatory environment to come though. Motorists will likely be stung, perhaps not outrageously so, but stung nonetheless, meaning 2nd hand re-sale is getting a kicking as you found out. So would I consider a diesel in the future? If my needs suited the diesel units AND I planned on running it into the ground on long distance journies then possibly, although I suspect unlikely being an urban dweller who gets the train to work that that won't happen!

With the present round of diesels you should be OK for the moment. The government / public bodies are presently targeting pre-EuroIV emissions standards for punitive charges (London T-Charge), which is anything pre-2005 bar one or two exceptions. We have the better Euro V emissions, which came into force in 2009 and then the current Euro VI emissions, which came into effect in 2014 (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_ ... _standards ).

What they're targeting right now is the NOx emissions as that is what pressure groups are up in arms about due to harmful effects on respiratory health. If the present bar is set at Euro IV, which has a limit of 0.25g/km (according to Wikipedia) and the latest standards of diesels is 0.080g/km under Euro VI courtesy of AdBlue in most cases, then the modern diesels have some way to go yet before they become the enemy. And at that point petrol cars will be in the spotlight too (Petrol NOx standards under Euro VI is 0.060g/km, so not far off).

BTW, if you're looking for a 2nd hand car today, don't intend to re-sell in a few years or rather expect it to have no value when you come to change and prefer diesel then anything post 9/2014 and pre 4/2017 is the sweet spot. So the early 1.6TDi Atecas may be a good option 8-)
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Re: Hindsight (at least in the UK)

Post by Ghiggz » Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:39 pm

I only went for the diesel on ours as its a salary sacrifice lease car, its fully maintained like a company car (insurance ,tax, service, tires, repairs, etc) and I pay a flat monthly amount from my salary..

Due to co2 limits on the scheme I could only get the 1.0t or 1.6tdi in S or SE form, and when I spec'd em both up, the petrol was only something like £9pm less than diesel, and I was sure i'd save more than that £9pm back in fuel on the diesel, so we went for it..

If it had been a way cheaper I would have prob gone for the petrol... my brother in law on the same scheme went for the 1.0t and loves it..

the gov scrapped salary sacrifice in the budget recently, so in 2years I cant renew again, i'll have to give back and find a car or buy it from them...
in buying you can pay cash, or basically lease for another three years (still fully maintained) after which they then give you the car..
Still thinking of doing that despite the anti diesel atmosphere building, but will have to see how things are closer the time??
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