Hi Everyone, I'm thinking of getting an Ateca, Advice please

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Re: Hi Everyone, I'm thinking of getting an Ateca, Advice please

Post by Hyeresman » Sat Jul 13, 2019 10:09 am

I recently bought a new Excellence Lux 19" wheels 2.0 Diesel Auto. I bought it totally 'blind' having done plenty of YouTube research.Never been in one, never driven one, never viewed it, I just said yes over the phone once negotiating an absolute first class deal from a dealer many miles away. My previous car was a Mercedes B200 Sports. You are correct, after coming from a hard ride with shortened suspension, then like me I guess you will not be disappointed with the ride quality. I'm more than satisfied with my purchase even though the thought of having 19" wheels again was initially off putting. Perhaps you also have disastrous run flat tyres on your BMW, I got rid of mine on the Mercedes just to obtain a little more comfort

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Re: Hi Everyone, I'm thinking of getting an Ateca, Advice please

Post by FrAteca » Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:16 am

I had a bmw 330i..tons of issues and drove me mad..decided to get rid of it along with my wifes fiesta and go for the ateca..have to say I love my ateca so far..done just over 4000 miles now and has been a joy to drive and always gets compliments as I have the FR

When i got mine there was a 0% offer on so we got a very good deal.. Defo look out or see if this deal is still going on the 4 year pcp

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Re: Hi Everyone, I'm thinking of getting an Ateca, Advice please

Post by apmcgowan@live.co.uk » Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:16 pm

I have a Cupra Ateca (C&S Pack) and love it. I did test drive 2.0TSI Excellence Lux 4Drive and this too was impressive. Personally I would prefer petrol and would only look at diesel if company car policy forced it or I was expecting to cover 20k + miles. That said the 190 diesel is a great engine and would be worth considering rather than the 150 if the budget would stretch. It is worth test driving all of the variants before making you choice.

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Re: Hi Everyone, I'm thinking of getting an Ateca, Advice please

Post by Mill » Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:02 am

I originally went to look at the Arona,but was a bit soon, they where not expected for around 6 weeks at the dealers, so took a test drive in a 1.0 ltr Ateca SE Tech and was very impressed, so bought it, drove to Southern Spain and back with it, no problem at all very comfortable and stress free drive only thing I thought that at 115 PS a but more power would be good, so went for the 1.4 petrol engine variant, none in stock so bought a 2.0 l diesel Xcellence 4 drive real impressed with it, have done the Spain trip twice with it to date and power is great, doesn't loose it on the hills, considering travelling with a roof box and driving at 130 km/hr in France and 120 km/hr in Spain I did get a return of 46 mpg.
As to service it had its first 10,000 mile service in May at 9 months old at the dealer, no complaints at all, service done while I waited, just on 2 hrs.
This my 4th Seat, firs two being Ibiza's, first one sold at 79,000 miles and the second at 91000 miles, no major problems with ither.
Having had top of the rage Fords for 27 years and a Toyota Celica for 12 years then changing to Seat for me it's one of the better things I've done.

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Re: Hi Everyone, I'm thinking of getting an Ateca, Advice please

Post by stecornes » Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:37 pm


I have just changed from an Octavia VRS 2.0 TDI 184bhp to an Ateca FR Sport 1.5.

The first thing I would say is the engine is nowhere near as good as the 2.0 diesel engine, the 1.5 feels weak and slow in comparison, I know mine was a 184, but the 150 diesel was hardly any slower off the mark. Also, the engine kangaroo issue and the engine stalling in 2nd gear is now getting annoying.

You are doing the right thing going for the diesel, its a really good engine and I wish I had paid the extra instead of the petrol.

Someone commented on the 19-inch rims, I was worried about these before delivery, the ride is firm but not unpleasant.

Build quality is very good and although some of the parts are the same as the Octavia, it feels better put together, which is odd as I think its made in the same factory.
2019 Ateca FR Sport 1.5 TSI Evo Velvet Red.

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